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Tuesday, July 4, 2023
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China-Belarus Industrial Park
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  • I. Overview

    China-Belarus Industrial Park is a project jointly initiated and promoted by China and Belarus. It is a landmark project of the Belt and Road Initiative, a pearl on the Silk Road Economic Belt and a model of mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Located 25 kilometers east of Minsk city, the capital of Belarus, the industrial park, with a total planned area of 117.61 square kilometers, is adjacent to the Minsk International Airport. The M1 highway traverses the park, connecting Moscow to the east and Berlin to the west. The M2 expressway runs from the international airport to the urban area of Minsk. A dedicated railway line is built on the east side of the airport, and the planned urban light rail passes through the park directly to the airport. It takes about nine hours’ flight from Beijing to Minsk.

    Planning Map of the Park

    II. Planning and Industry Positioning

    According to the overall planning, the park is divided into five zones. Zone One is mainly for the construction of industrial and logistics projects; Zone Two, the central region of the park, focuses on the construction of the new R&D center, multi-functional cultural leisure center, the commercial complex and other facilities; Zone Three, the northern part of the park, is for the development of industry and related facilities; Zone Four, the southwestern part of the park, is mainly for residential buildings and public service facilities; Zone Five, the western part of the park, is only subject to appropriate development and construction of industrial facilities for retaining the original forest land.

    Electronics and tele-communications, pharmaceuticals (including biopharmaceuticals), medical products, medical services, inspection and diagnosis, fine chemicals, biotechnology, machinery manufacturing, new materials, integrated logistics, e-commerce, big data storage and processing, and R&D industries are the key areas for the park. Commercial and residential projects will be made to create an international new city that is ecological, livable, business friendly, dynamic and innovative.

    Great Stone at the Entrance of the Park

    III. Preferential Policies

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has issued the Presidential Decrees five times, granting preferential policies to the park in the form of the highest national legislation. Corporate income tax will be exempted for 10 years from the profit-making year, and then it will be levied in half by 2062. Land tax and real estate tax will be exempted. The land lease period can reach up to 99 years. It can also be converted to private ownership. Free trade zone business can be operated in the park. Shareholders' profits can be freely remitted, etc.

    Night view of the office building in the park

    IV. Infrastructure Construction and Investment

    The infrastructure construction of Phase one of 8.5 square kilometers has been completed, including 33 kilometers of highways, 110 kv substations, water supply systems, rainwater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, rain and sewage pumping stations, underground pipe networks for water supply and drainage, power supply, and communications. The land area for lease and sale is 515 hectares. Office building, science and technology innovation center, apartment building as well as 10 standard plants with a total area of 95,000 square meters have been built, which can meet the production needs of different types of enterprises.

    As of June 2023, 111 enterprises have been settled in the park, with total amount of investment of more than $1.35 billion.

    Minsk Street and the Expressway to the Airport

    V. Supporting Services

    Coordinating government departments, the park administration committee provides enterprises with “one-stop service”, including company registration, project evaluation, land transfer, construction permit, project acceptance, import and export approval, and preferential policy approval, etc.

    The industrial park development company provides investment consulting services covering registration, laws and regulations, accounting, taxation, project application, construction and labor.

    Financial services: China Development Bank provides financing support for Chinese resident companies with market-competitive interest rates. Local banks in Belarus can also provide project financing to the resident companies. China-Belarus Industry Fund supports the projects in the park.

    Panoramic rendering of SINOMACH Torch Park

    VI. SINOMACH Torch Park

    SINOMACH Torch Park (hereinafter referred to as the Torch Park) is located in the northeast core area, at the entrance of Minsk street of the China-Belarus Industrial Park. The total area of the project is 6 hectares with two phases of development. Phase one covers an area of 1.65 hectares, with a total construction area of 18,450 square meters. It includes a 13,000 square meter research and development building, a 3,300 square meter exhibition center, as well as an affiliated energy center and outdoor projects. The Torch Park will become a new landmark with international characteristics on Minsk street.

    The SINOMACHBEL Limited Liability Company is the development and operation subject of the Torch Park project. It is invested by China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd. (SINOMACH) and its subsidiary China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE) at a ratio of 7:3 shares.


    Renderings of SINOMACH Torch Park

    Platform Function

    1. The Torch Park will build a comprehensive platform for scientific and technological research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides an overseas high-end R&D and development platform for the various innovative enterprises and institutes of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd.

    2. Build Zhongguancun Overseas High-tech Sub-Park. Assist Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone and domestic high-tech enterprises with talent introduction and overseas development platforms. Participate in Belt and Road science and technology innovation projects.

    3. Cooperation partners will be expanded from the scientific and technological research and development institutions and high-end technical talents from Belarus to the Eurasian Economic Union and Central Asia. It promotes the implementation of multi-party scientific and technological cooperation projects and realizes the industrialization of scientific research achievements.


    Cooperative Partners

    It includes Zhongguancun Science Park, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus High-tech Park (HTP Belarus), the Belarusian National Technical University, the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, and other high-tech parks and Belarusian universities.


    Supporting Services

    The Torch Park will integrate science and technology, talent, incubation and other innovation resources, and provide resident companies with a series of supporting services including the research and development of shared offices, entrepreneurial office space, standardized laboratories, science and technology policy consultation, R&D results releases, new products negotiations, science and technology talent exchanges, as well as exhibitions. It will improve its science and technology service support system, promote its continuous innovation and competitiveness, and become the center of the science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship of the China-Belarus Industrial Park.

    VII. Contact Information

    China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Company, CJSCBeijing Representative Office

    Tel: +86 10 82688193/8083



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