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Tuesday, July 4, 2023
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Serbia-China Industrial Park
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  • I. Overview

    Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. It borders Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. The land area is about 88,400 square kilometers. One-fifth of the Danube River, the second largest river in Europe, flows through its territory. The official language is Serbian, and many people are proficient in English.

    The Serbia-China Industrial Park, covering an area of 3.2 square kilometers, is excellently located in the suburb of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on the northern bank of the Danube River. It is 14 kilometers from the old city area of Belgrade, 6.2 kilometers from the new city area, 13 kilometers from the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, and 20 kilometers from Belgrade Port and Belgrade Railway Station. The industrial park is close to the Zemun-Bolcha Bridge. All these render the industrial park easily accessible by all transportation means.

    The industrial park is jointly developed by China Communications Construction, a large Chinese SOE, and the Serbian government. The China Road & Bridge Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction, and CCCC Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. jointly established a company to operate the park. In November 2015, a memorandum of understanding on the Serbia-China Industrial Park was signed. During the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in April 2019, the investment development agreement was formally signed. It is expected to officially start construction at the end of 2023.


    Location Map of China Industrial Park in Serbia

    II. Planning and Industry Positioning

    The planning of the Serbia-China Industrial Park covers an area of 3.2 square kilometers, and the project is positioned to become a new generation high-tech industrial base in Serbia and a new urban area that integrates industry and city. Based on local resources and market research in Serbia, the core industries of the project include communication and IT, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, biopharmaceuticals, and modern logistics industries. The project development content includes an ICT technology park, a photovoltaic manufacturing base, transportation equipment intelligent manufacturing base, biopharmaceutical manufacturing base, international maker space, and commercial service industry supporting facilities.

    The industrial park is divided into three phases of development and construction, with a development area of 67 hectares in Phase I. The construction content includes management buildings, comprehensive factories, logistics and warehousing, supporting offices, apartments, and commercial facilities; Phase II covers an area of 139 hectares, with a focus on developing industrial parks. The construction of Phase II includes factory buildings, warehouses, supporting office facilities; Phase III covers 114 hectares, with a focus on developing high-tech zones. The construction of Phase III includes research and development centers, apartments and hotels, and supporting commercial facilities. The overall industrial land area is 177 hectares, and the commercial land area is 71 hectares.


    Rendering of China Industrial Park in Serbia

    III. Preferential Policies

    1. Land Policy

    According to the Serbian Land Law, the maximum period for lease of land by a foreign-funded enterprise is 99 years, and the land can be converted into permanent ownership after the enterprises in the park has completed the construction of the plants, buildings and other facilities on the land.

    2. Tax Policy

    The Serbian tax system is centered on income tax and value-added tax. The overall tax level is highly competitive in Europe. Among them, corporate income tax is the lowest in Europe, and the value-added tax is lower than other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.



    IV. Infrastructure

    The park consists of a comprehensive industrial park, a high-tech park, and an international commercial center. It is equipped with complete logistics and storage facilities, incubation plants, sewage treatment, water supply and power supply facilities, as well as catering, hotels, apartments, leisure and other living facilities.


    V. Supporting Services

    1. “One-stop” Service: A full range of services are provided for investors from the preliminary inspection of the project to the whole process, i.e., the launch, the construction and operation of the project.

    Project Inspection Period - investment consulting services such as on Serbian laws and regulations, industrial development, and project feasibility; necessary assistance for hotel booking, transportation, and travel agencies.

    Project Construction Period - assistance in handling company registration, labor permits, construction permits, tax exemption application for construction equipment and materials, and the handling of materials transportation and customs clearance services.

    Project Operation Period - assistance in the processing of tax-free applications, transportation, customs clearance and other services for the production of raw materials, equipment, and finished products; assistance for enterprise in personnel recruitment and training.

    2. Financial Support: The park forms strategic partnerships with financial institutions such as China Development Bank, China Export-Import Bank, the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, and the European Bank of Reconstruction to provide financial support and insurance for enterprises entering the park.

    3. Incubation: The park provides supportive policies concerning capital and management for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially high-tech and technology-based enterprises, to reduce their operating costs and promote their growth. At the same time, it provides a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to display and exchange, so as to promote technical cooperation and investment cooperation.

    4. Recruitment: The park assists enterprises therein to carry out recruitment and recommend suitable senior management personnel.


    VI. Contact Information

    Chinese Contact: Ms. Wang, Beijing HQ, China Road and Bridge Corporation

    Tel: 010-84267849             

    Serbian Contact: Mr. Han, Serbian Branch, China Road and Bridge Corporation


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