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Tuesday, July 4, 2023
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Nightlife guide leads you to the vibrant Ningxia
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  • Nightlife is full of possibilities in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region. After work, people have dinner with friends, and that is when the day really begins. This "Ningxia Nightlife Guide" will take you through the trendy life of this vibrant region.

    The food streets in Ningxia are scattered like spring bamboo shoots after rain: Each one is a classic with its own unique flavor.

    Huaiyuan Night Market, the most popular place for late-night food adventures, provides delicious shish kebabs, beef patties, grilled eggs, stir-fried rice cakes and lamb offal, among other treats. Various food aromas waft through the entire street, tantalizing diners' taste buds.


    Huaiyuan Night Market

    Xiangyang Pedestrian Street, which exudes the unique charm of the desert frontier, is another excellent destination to sample local delicacies. There, you can taste almost all the local specialty foods of Zhongwei.


    Guangyao Foods Street

    In addition to enjoying local delicacies, taking in the night view of Nanmen Tower, Yuhuang Pavilion, Ningxia Museum, Ningxia Art Gallery and other scenic sites is also a good choice.



    In Yinchuan, capital city of Ningxia, exciting night entertainment showcases the vibrant and young city. The stage plays, acrobatic performances and music festivals provide audiences with unparalleled and splendid entertainment.



    Visit Ningxia to experience its intriguing nightlife!

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