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Tuesday, July 4, 2023
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Ningxia Yuehai Hotel
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  • Ningxia Yuehai Hotel is a large-scale courtyard-style foreign-related tourist hotel integrating accommodation, catering, conference, fitness and entertainment, and is also an important political and social activity venue and a major official reception hotel in the autonomous region, undertaking the reception of important guests of central ministries and commissions, state organs, military forces and sister provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the service work of important meetings, major official affairs, business and foreign affairs activities in the autonomous region. Ningxia Yuehai Hotel building scale grand, novel design, chic style, complete functions, complete facilities, whether it is the main building, or decoration, are exquisitely conceived, elegant, handwriting atmosphere, rich in high cultural atmosphere, humanistic atmosphere and modern atmosphere, its elegant environment, beautiful landscape, excellent service and intelligent supporting facilities, in the northwest region is one of the few, in the country is also first-class.

    Address: No. 1, Helan Mountain Road, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City

    Star rating: 5 stars

    Transportation: Hedong Airport: 35 km 30 minutes by car Yinchuan Railway Station: 4 km 15 minutes by car Nanmen Long-distance Station: 6 km 20 minutes by car Beijing Road: 3 km 10 minutes by car Xinhua Street: 5 km 15 minutes by car Administrative Center: 2 km About 10 minutes on foot

    Food: Chinese food: can accommodate nearly 400 people at the same time, the hall is equipped with lighting, sound and other facilities Western food: can accommodate 70 people to dine, taste pure, so that you can enjoy the best place of exotic cuisine

    Services: Room Service, Laundry, Wake Up, Concierge, Spa, Travel, Shoeshine, Currency Exchange, Fitness Facilities, Indoor Swimming, Private Beach, Front Desk Valuables Safe, Parking Spaces Available, Bus or Car Rental Service, English and Japanese Speaking Staff.

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