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Tuesday, July 4, 2023
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Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference
Wonderful Atlas
Conference Introduction

Time & Date:21 Sept 2023 14:30-22 Sept 2023 17:00

Venue:Yinchuan International Exchange Center

Yinchuan International Exchange Center:

Chang Hao 0951-8735172 (High-Level Forum on Science and Technology Cooperation、Promotion and Matchmaking Meeting on Desertification Control Technology、Seminar on China-Arab States Science and Technology Cooperation and Technology Transfer (Closed-door meeting)、Promotion and Matchmaking Meeting on Green and Innovative Development Technology 、Seminar on China-Arab States Geoscientific Cooperation ) 

Shen Ming 0951-2090267 (Opening Ceremony of China-Arab StatesYouth Innovation and Development Forum、Youth Development Forum)