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Tuesday, July 4, 2023
Welcome to the official website of the 中国—阿拉伯国家博览会
  • Clean Energy New Materials Exhibition
  • Digital Economy Exhibition
  • Healthcare Exhibition
  • Smart Meteorology Exhibition
  • Exhibition of State-owned Enterprises Directly under the Central Government
  • Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition
  • Brand Exhibition
  • Equipment Manufacturing and Technology Exhibition
  • Exhibition of the Guest Country of Honor
  • Exhibition of Other Countries
  • Exhibition of Theme Province
  • Exhibition of Other Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Municipalities
  • Ningxia Exhibition

Clean Energy New Materials Exhibition

Clean Energy New Materials Exhibition mainly showcases clean energy technology and equipment, such as nuclear power (commercial), hydrogen energy, energy storage, new energy vehicles, and charging facilities, and displays new materials technology and products such as graphene, stealth materials, and high or low temperature-resistant materials. Contact for Clean Energy Exhibition: Yao Bo 0951-6038090; Contact for New Materials Exhibition: Ma Rui 0951-6363405